ACITKO was founded in 2011 with the aim of bringing together Italian and Korean cultures through the organization of concerts, shows, events, and exhibitions in Italy and in South Korea. Most of our members are based in Milano, Italy and Seoul, Korea, but our members come from different parts of the world, including Albania, Argentina, Macedonia, Italy, South Korea, and United States. 


Every year ACITKO organizes the Maria Malibran International Opera Competition in Milan, which just celebrated its 8th edition in June 2019. We have had competitors from all over the world participate in the competition, and the members of the commission consist of renowned artistic directors, conductors, and agents in the field of opera.


Numerous finalists and winners have been cast for opera, concerts, and collaboration contracts by the members of the commission, as well as by national and international musical casting agents present during the finale.


Some of ACITKO's highlights include:

  • 2019: musical marathon Weekend in Musica at Casa Museo Boschi di Stefano; fully staged performance of Così fan tutte in Teatro SOMS Caldana; West Side Story & the Great American Songbook concert in Segrate (MI)

  • 2018: fully staged performance of Don Giovanni in Teatro SOMS Caldana

  • Summer 2015: a week of Korean music and culture at the Palazzina Liberty during the Milan Expo with opera, dance performances, concerts of traditional music and classical music, a taekwondo show  

  • 2013 & 2014: concerts in Italy for Korean artists, and in Korea for Italian artists 


ACITKO's Initiatives



Experience Milano

with a local, like a local.

  • Milano street food tour

  • Milano fashion tour 

  • Group museum visits

    • How & where to purchase annual museum subscription card

  • Meet & greet happy hours 

    • Language mixer with Italians & other international students

* Send a message via the contact form for more information and to book a tour. Meet & greets will be published with specific dates. A minimum of 2 persons required for tours. 




We are so happy that you are here! 


Just like you, some of us have gone through all the processes of moving to a new country and figuring things out -- it hasn't exactly been the simplest process, but with [a lot of] patience and some tricks you will master it all! We are here for you if you would like any advise on managing your new life in Milano and navigating through the infamous Italian bureaucracy. We are just one email away. 

Some of the services we provide include: 

  • administrative assistance for international students 

    • visa application & interview

    • changing residency at the anagrafe 

    • finding apartment & reviewing contracts 

    • signing up for utilities & telephone 


Career Coaching

At any point in one's professional career, it is important to take a moment to assess one's objectives by evaluating all the possible means, risks, and opportunities. 


  • What is the best orientation for my career? 

  • How can I expand my contacts quickly and profitably?

  • What does the market require and how do these requests combine with my talents?


NoteDiCoaching, methodology created and conducted by Tullia Martiradonna and applied also in the musical context, helps both senior professionals and young beginners in a specific manner to find the answers, and help become aware of their abilities and attitudes in comparison with the needs of the entertainment world.

For complete details, please visit: